You will not hate me tomorrow, were the gentle words served along with the gentle pour of water in the glass next to her other glass, the one filled up with the good stuff. How could I? She thought, unable to refrain from displaying a smile full of satisfaction; it is a grand feeling, indeed, to be handled with professional pride and natural empathy, like the one from those who can claim to be a properly skilled bartender. This particular admiration affair had over ten years of existence, she had enjoyed the kind treatment and tender attention from the lady serving at the bar today since way back. Back when she had a different life, or maybe not, for she still feels, somehow, the same, only improved, perhaps. Like whiskey and wine when time, righteously, plays its part. This talented bar attendant has gained the status of a dear friend that knows her ways, still gets this elegantly new age rye based concoction beautifully chilled to perfection in this new mystical environment framed with dark velvet curtains, subtle lounge sound waves and pink marbled bar surfaces, like back then in another time and a different place when she had a different life.

A different life. Short-story from 12 o’clock-tales and after hours thoughts. The book

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