I often find myself talking to Amy. I listen to her and the answer is underlined in the way I embrace her voice through my presence, the physical and the other, and I think on the time we met, when our lives crossed paths more like. You excused yourself politely while approaching the bar with your tiny delicate body close to mine. You asked for salt for your toothache, you said, and I wondered if that was indeed an old-fashioned trick, something you might have learned back home before you belonged to all of us and the world. As you made your way through I remained seated on that tall stool with a very tiny dress I would only wear that day for I have never again been that skinny as I was back then. In the time when scrutiating pain filled up my whole self, pushing out any chance to embrace any coherent sense. It was indeed a high pitched tragedy. To feel my empty breasts like empty bags hanging by my chest like barometers of my confussion and lonelyness. We were following each others steps, I heard, swinging from bar to bar with our tiny bodies in our tiny apparels. I annonimously and you under the brightness of the spotlight and the unforgiving gossip. I stared at you with my usual lack of etiquette and standardised social manners, wondering if it is worthy to go that far, to get lost in the dark where one finds the inspiration for the heart-moving art for the others to benefit and enjoy while you struggle, suffer, despair. In my ideal world we all sit in a bar with a Martini on one side and a coffee table book on the lap, and you and I smile every time we cross paths. Oh, Amy, Amy, Amy.

Amy, Amy, Amy. Short-story from 12 o’clock-tales and after hours thoughts. The book.

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